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Mentor Training Series

All sessions are open to the general public and free. We encourage anyone who works with youth to attend and ask that you please register for each session you plan to attend to help us in planning room size.  


Current Project Friendship mentors are required to attend TWO of the seven sessions. Seniors and those who are planning to study abroad next year should attend the Closing the Relationship session in April. You can attend more than 2 if you want to!


Please note training session location and time, they go back and forth between St. Olaf and Carleton College. Should the location change we will message the email address you provide at registration.

New Mentor Training Sessions

All new Project Friendship mentors are required to attend the new mentor training session once. You do not need to register for this training. Please bring your background check forms (there are two forms) to the training if you have not turned them in yet.

Training Dates and Locations

September 23rd at CARLETON (Leighton #305)

3:30p-4:30p     Current Mentor Series/Goal Setting

5:30p-7:00p      New Mentor Training


October 1 at ST. OLAF (Buntrock Commons #211)

6:30p-7:30p     Current Mentor Series - Maximize Your Awareness

October 7th at ST. OLAF (Buntrock Commons #120)

4:30p-6:00p     New Mentor Training
6:00p-7:00p     Current Mentor Series - Incorporating Literacy into Your Activities


November 5 at CARLETON

4:30p-5:30p     Current Mentor Series - Maximize your Impact (LDC #104)

5:45p-7:15p        New Mentor Training (LDC #104)


February 10 at CARLETON

3:30p-4:30p     Current Mentor Series - Intentional/Goal Oriented Activity Planning (LDC #104)

5:30p-7:00p      New Mentor Training (LDC #104)


February 11 at ST. OLAF

4:30p-5:30p     Current Mentor Series - Intentional/Goal Oriented Activity Planning (Buntrock Commons #211)

5:45p-7:15p       New Mentor Training (Buntrock Commons #211 )


March 10 at CARLETON 

3:30p-4:30p     Current Mentor Series - Understanding Challenging Behaviors (TBD)

5:30p-7:00p      New Mentor Training (TBD)

April 8 at ST. OLAF

4:30p-5:30p     **Senior Mentors - Closing the Relationship (TBD)

5:45p-7:15p        New Mentor Training (TBD)

Partial funding for the Education in Mentoring Training Series is from WINGS (Women in Northfield Giving Support) and Northfield Area United Way.

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